The Toshiba Web Campaign was launched in end 2011 with a game machanism that allows participant to be creative with the tablet by simply uploading their picture to create a story with a list of preselected pictures to choose from.



TOSHIBA REGZA 2011 - Pixels

This TVC was made to promote the enhance quality of the pixels in the picture. The Toshiba feature "AutoClean" with fix the picture by simply using pixel enhancement to improve the picture and color quality.



TOSHIBA REGZA 2012 - Splash

In 2012, Toshiba PowerTV reposition the product by creating a range of TV's that are sleeker in design and style with more functions added to it. The TVC was shot with high-speed effect to create a premium tonality while it was targeted to the urban audience of Jakarta.



Indomie Cup Noodle - Hospital

When hunger stikes, nothing can stop a hungry man. The idea demonstrates the quick fix of an instant cup noodle in the event of an emergency.



KPK Indonesia Anti-Corruption - Eyes

Corruption in Indonesia is a crime but it has not stopped one from continuous greed from business transaction such as public tenders and business pitch. KPK message to the guilty individuals is that more people are starting to report the act of corruption - You can run but you can't hide.



YSA Indonesia - Anti-Pornography

In Indonesia, the internet has very little security measures hence the accessibility to pornography is indeed very easy for children when surfing the internet. This viral video that was uploaded and distributed on facebook and blogs to raise the awareness to parents and guardians. This is an English translated version.



Nutricia Nutrilion Royal - Immune

The Nutricia Nutrilion Royal better known to provide strong immunity for your child.




In 2000, the boom period of the IPOs and Investment programs in Singapore where all the financial institution were offering investment programs like selling newspaper by the roads. The DBS Horizon Investment Programme wanted a different approach hence moving away from the typical promise of most of the financial institution. We create an approach where we wanted investors to have a holistic approach to their investment by elevating their views towards investing.